Our Story

Hello & welcome! I’m Nicole,  creator of Astra Juelerie! From a  young age, I loved jewelry and  fashion. My obsessions carried  through adulthood and I majored in fashion design and merchandising in college with the dream of owning my own business. I fell in love with making jewelry during my year living in Dallas, TX where I made jewelry and sold it at the farmer’s market part-time for a local jewelry   company. In 2018, I moved back   to Kansas City and missed   making jewelry and connecting   with customers. I saw a need in   the KC handmakers market for   trendy jewelry below a $50 price   point, and Astra Juelerie was born!
 Originally from Kansas, I’ve always been passionate about where I am from. The name Astra comes from the motto on the Kansas flag, “ad astra per aspera” meaning “to the stars through difficulties”, a phrase that has motivated me for many years. Juelerie comes from the old French word for jewelry. 
I hope you love my jewelry as much as I love making it! Please visit the Contact Me page if you have questions, or just to leave a note.
xx, Nicole