Do you do custom pieces?

Yes!! I love working with customers to design their perfect piece. Head to the contact me page or send me an email at hello@astrajuelerie.com to get started designing! 

What is your return policy? 

We want your jewelry to last and most importantly, we want you to love it. If you at any point are not happy with your choice, you may return or exchange it at any time. NOTE: due to the handmade nature of most of our pieces, they may be subject to breakage more easily. I am always willing to fix, return or exchange any piece you have purchased from our shop that has broken. 

Will your pieces tarnish? 

We aim to create high-quality, tarnish resistant pieces under $50. All of our pieces are made from gold-filled or sterling silver metal unless noted otherwise. Unfortunately, we do not get the chance to test the wear of each piece before selling so please reach out if you have a piece that has tarnished and we will happily give you refund or exchange it for a new piece.